The National World War II Museum

Dedication in New Orleans

In honor of my wife Ginny’s father, who was a Bombardier in World War II over Europe, we dedicated a wing at the National WWII Museum in New Orleans in honor of Captain Charles Brennan.

This exhibit space highlights the experience of our G.I.s and veterans during operations in Britain. Captain Brennan was a precision bombardier, a crew member of a bomber aircraft responsible for the targeting of aerial bombs. Captain Brennan flew on many sorties, dropping these precision guided bombs over Germany during WWII. He always said that he played his small part in helping the Allies win the war against the Nazis.

His deep seated patriotism and Veteran status was always his pride. During his tour of duty in England, Captain Brennan met his bride, Christine, and the rest is history. They returned to the US after the war and he was assigned to various air-force bases in the U.S. He finally settled at the Chennault Airforce Base in Lake Charles, LA. We are all very proud of his commitment and service to our country. 

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